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Firkin Comedy Club Friday 29th June 2018

Firkin Comedy Club Friday 29th June 2018

29th June


Firkin Comedy Club Friday 29th June 2018

 Four Comedians and a Compere to entertain you. This month’s stars Eric Patric and Damian KIngsley , supported by Tomas Ahlbeck,  Declan Kenney and compere  NIgel Lovell

You can eat at your table if you wish. Doors open 7.30pm. Show starts 8pm

Book on line now or call 01283 532880

Tickets £10 or '4 for 3' Group deal at £30

Check out the Artists below (maybe subject to change):-

Closing – Eric Patric (pictured)

Travelled, weathered, and cultured, Eric Patric’s comedy is as varied as his life experiences. A former resident of 6 different countries, Eric has finally settled in London, one of the few cities in the world that can keep up with his energy. After a stint on American reality TV (MTV), Eric has traveled the world, learning languages, 4 but who’s counting, and performing stand-up to crowds around the globe. From Johannesburg to Bucharest, Eric’s award winning, high energy doesn’t seem to have borders. With a range from edgy to silly, provocative to obscure, his shows are all-around fun. All around the world.

Opening – Damian Kingsley

Damian tells punchy, joke-packed stories and shorter anecdotes rooted in his personal experience. His persona wavers from cheeky and personable to irritable, deadpan and is, at times, borderline sociopathic. This unique mix of traits has led to a strong and distinctive comic voice that works in a variety of different environments.

Compere – Nigel Lovell

Leytonstone comedian Nigel Lovell only started on the comedy scene six years ago but has made it to the final of the UK pun championships 2017, which will be held in Leicester next Monday.

The former accountant, who also works as a handyman and decorator during the day, woke up one day and decided he wanted to change his career path.

Declan Kennedy – Open spot

Tomas Ahlbeck (open spot)

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