Firkin Comedy Club October 2020

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Firkin Comedy Club October 2020

Firkin Comedy Club October 2020

30th October - 30th October

 Planning a night out to remember? Celebration? Payday? Special Treat?

Sit back, relax and be entertained with our line-up of Comedians and Compere at Firkin Comedy Club.  

Full bar service available throughout the evening.

Hungry? Meals and snacks can be ordered from the Firkin Comedy Club special menu, which varies each month. Let us bring the food to you, to be enjoyed at your table whilst watching the acts.

  • Tickets £10.00
  • Doors open 7.30pm
  • Show starts 8.00pm

Book online now or call 01283 532880

Check out The Artists below (maybe subject to change)

Closing Maureen Younger

Maureen is frank, fast, feisty, sharp and engaging – honest humour with attitude! She works as a stand up comedian and compere all around the UK and abroad and even gigs in German! As an experienced compere, Maureen is known for her quick wit and sharp audience interaction. In the UK she is one of the few (if only) comedians who works regularly on the mainstream and urban comedy circuits.

Her gigs have ranged from being the support act for the entire West End run of The Naked Magicians at the Trafalgar Studios as well as one of the warm up acts for Puppetry of the Penis to performing at the Barbican alongside Arthur Smith; supporting Shazia Mirza on tour; to being one of the acts at the Jamaica vs The World gigs at the Shepherds Bush Empire. (Maureen was representing the latter category!)

Opening Howard Walker

We all have a dream don't we. Some of us have lots. I once dreamed that Davros from Doctor Who was chasing me. Put the willies up me it did. Then I had another dream that the "Mash get Smash" men were chasing after me so I went to hide, and then my granddad turned up and told them to leave me alone (he seemed to know them somehow, probably from the adverts) but they still got me and gave me an electric shock. That was weird.

Dreams though. Aspirations. Howard had a dream; he wanted to be a rock star. He tried. He tried so, so indifferently that he never succeeded. So after many years of half arsed-ness, he had another dream and put a bit more effort in. About time.  He dreamed he wanted to be a stand up comedian, so this time he did it. You don't have to learn the guitar you see.

​I think the moral of this story is that no matter how much you want something, if you don't succeed, just try something else. Ideally something that doesn't involve playing a guitar because it's difficult. Trust me. And don't listen to people who say playing guitar is easy, it's not; I tried for nearly 4 weeks.

MC Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell is a stand-up comedian. Originating from rural Cambridgeshire, Jack now lives in Leicester and gigs all over the country. 

Winner of English Comedian of the Year 2014, Jack has even performed in Australia, Germany, Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

Jack has always loved stand-up comedy and began performing whilst at De Montfort University, Leicester in 2009.

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